San Arnulfo de Metz santo protctor de los cerveceros

Prayer for an alcoholic father and to leave the vices to St. Arnulf of Metz

During a plague outbreak, a monk named Arnold, who had established a monastery in Oudenburg, persuaded people to drink beer instead of water and when he did, the plague disappeared. St. Arnold of Metz spent his holy life warning people about the dangers of contaminated drinking water because beer was safe and water was not. “From the sweat of man and the love of God, beer came into the world,” he said.

Let us pray this miraculous prayer to St. Arnulf of Metz

Dear St. Arnulf of Metz, my heart is so sad for my father and I am very concerned about the way he has become such an addicted drinker. I know that he has had a very difficult life and that he is using his drinking habit to cover up a heart that has been hurt and mistreated,

But Saint Arnulf, his alcoholism is causing him so much harm and pain and I am afflicted by the life he is forging himself. Dear Lord, would you help him free himself from this terrible addiction to drinking and show us what we can do to help him and encourage him to free himself from this curse which is not only ruining his own life, but also has such negative repercussions on our home? Saint Arnulfo, patron saint of alcohol and drink, assist my father and free him from this lack of control of the drink he lives by.

(We make the personal request at this time with much faith)

Lord, I love my father, but we are despairing and we turn to You to help him break his alcohol addiction. Loving Father, I am so sad for my father’s life. I guess I’ll never know everything that happened to him along the way, and I can’t even imagine the inner pain that his drinking is covering up, but it hurts me so much to see him trapped in this pattern. And no matter how frustrated we may be, we will all allow it to happen to him somehow. Listen to our prayers and to St. Arnold who is uncertain before us from heaven with his prayers and his kindness to you.

Please help us all to be healed. Help us to take the steps we need. Help my father to see his helplessness in the face of this addiction. Let him turn to You alone for help. Amen.

We will end this powerful intercessory prayer by praying:

3 Our Father
3 Hail Mary
1 Glory

Remember to pray it every day to make it more likely that you will get that miracle from God to cure your father of alcoholism, you will have to have a lot of faith that will keep you away from this terrible vice. God bless you and all your loved ones.